The LIFE LEECHER…has arrived!

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It’s darkly sinister, gravely lethal​ and nightmarishly unrelenting….it’s the Life Leecher!

This is an original concept design based on a character that I once created for a short story that I wrote many years ago.

The creature was evil, hungry and unstoppable in it’s time and now has resurfaced once more after ages of malicious anticipation.

But don’t be afraid, its just superstition…or is it?

Believe what you will but this much is fact, The Life Leecher exists…as an exciting 8 piece resin model kit!

Available NOW! Read more about him @

The Life Leecher

« The LIFE LEECHER…has arrived!   The LIFE LEECHER…has arrived! »

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Joe Spix11 September 2014 at 02:42 PM

Just finished painting this gem of a figure.  A few final touchs and it will be complete.  Great sculpt John.

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