The Unnamable

​Sculpted in 1993 for GEOmetric Design. Officially licensed. Here is a figure of the demonic Alyda Wintrrop from the 1988 film based on the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft. I found the film enjoyable and the creature design captivating enough to keep me focused on doing her justice as a model kit.

This was a great opportunity to design a menacing yet graceful pose for the creature reflecting the portrayal of the actress in the movie who I believe was also a dancer.

The cemetery was a recurring location in the film and so seemed the perfect setting for the figure and also allowed for some added interest with engraved tombstones.

The mediums used were Sculpey Pro-Mat for her torso head and legs, Atlas Epoxy-bond Putty for her face, arms, hands, wings and horns, Durham’s Wood Putty and more epoxy putty for the groundwork and hydrocal for the tombstones.

Another favorite of mine that I receive positive comments on to this day.


Richard Cacioppo24 April 2014 at 12:20 PM

I have been selling the Geometric Design line of product for years now and was excited to see that you are the sculptor of this wonderful sculp.  I’ve had this piece on my to do list for many years, but haven’t gotten to it, I try and paint up, create pages for, all of the products I sell.  But unfortunately, first things first, and other commissioned work had taken president over this beautiful piece.  Let’s hope this spurs me onto it’s assembly and make real soon.

Peter Scheuer ⋅ 19 December 2015 at 03:13 AM

Hi John,

You don´t by any chance have a full figure of the unnamable lying around somewhere? i got my hands on a complete base and the left leg for this figure on a garage sail on e-bay.
It seems a shame not trying to finish this great kit.

By the way, I got my hands on an original 1991 Caretaker some months ago. I´ve been searching many years for it.  I love it!!

Best regards and a merry Christmas from Peter Scheuer in Sweden.

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