The Noble Hatching

The fourth of the limited edition series again involves a wizard and magic only this time the theme is friendship and the bestowing of a newborn’s first gift. The friendship depicted here is between the wizard and the dragon and the magic crystals are gifts to it’s three hatchlings.

I had a great time designing the whole scene with the crumbled turret where the nest is focused as well as the elaborately detailed dragon.

When designing these concepts it was always necessary to allow for the placement of Austrian crystals to add color and additional interest to the pewter. My interest was in making every crystal have a purpose, not just to haphazardly throw them about the figure with no logical reason. Each crystal then had to make sense either in shape or positioning so that gems appeared on jewelry, sometimes as eyes and in this case as the two remaining unhatched eggs.

Aside from a separate rear wing the entire sculpture was done in one piece and, as always, using Atlas Epoxy-bond putty as the sculpting medium.


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