Orc Beserker

‚ÄčThe very first of a series of original fantasy miniatures in 54mm scale created in 1995 and produced in white metal. Originally planned as a Necronomi-Concepts release this personal project never saw full production. Sculpted in epoxy putty, the prototype was sectioned into 4 parts for ease of production. This figure was designed to stand alone and also to be part of a larger Orc war party which would be completed over time. Release of this figure is pending.


Stephen Gabriele ⋅ 20 July 2013 at 05:26 PM

I just wanted to say that you have always been my favorite Orc Sculptor not to mention Monster Sculptor . Since I first read your name on the credits of the Grenadier Dragon Lords set, “Orcs of the Severed Hand”, I have been hook on your designs. I was glad to see that you are still Sculpting all these years later but I do miss your miniatures. Still a collector and painter today, I believe you would give most of today’s talent in the Fantasy miniature world a run for their money;) Any chance this piece will ever see release?

John Dennett ⋅ 20 July 2013 at 07:40 PM

Hi Stephen, Thank you for your very kind words concerning my miniature fantasy work. My time at Grenadier is still something I’m proud to have been a part of. While there I was given an opportunity to “let loose” creatively and I took advantage of doing that on most everything I was a part of. Monsters and Dragons have always been my favorite subjects to design and I don’t know if there was another company around at that time that would have hired me and given me the freedom to sculpt the wide range of characters I did. As far as the Orc Beserker on this page, I have about ten tin Master Castings in my possession that I’ve been saving to fill a production mold. I had wanted to complete a few other Orcs in the planned series before releasing just this one and I still plan on doing this when I am able to find the time to finish them. I assure you that this Orc will see production either in metal or in resin. It does bother me that he has been sitting in Limbo for this long as that was not the plan. Thank you again for your flattering compliments and it means a lot to me knowing my Orcs and monsters meant that much to you. Best wishes! John

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