Miss Tokyo Tour ‘94

About this time twenty years ago while preparing for a trip that summer to Japan, I designed and sculpted this little fantasy female as a special piece to mark the occasion.

Once sculpted she was molded and then cast as a one-piece resin figure with the intent that each of the 25 copies be given as a token of friendship to certain “garage kit” people I might meet on the trip.

She was well received by various ladies and gentlemen I had the privilege to spend time with while touring around Tokyo. Surprisingly she became a desirable kit here in the States when the word got out and so I continued to produce copies for sale for several years thereafter.

Two of the photos posted show the original 5 1/2” tall epoxy sculpture next to a casting painted by John Tyson of Louisville, Kentucky. The fourth image is of my original concept pencil sketch.

For the 20th Anniversary I will be re-releasing this model in the Spring of 2014. Updates soon!

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Stefano Belibani ⋅ 11 July 2017 at 12:50 PM

Hi did you then rerelease this kit as you said you were to do? I would gladly buy one! Please contact me if it’s available, thanks!

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