Fiend without a Face

​Sculpted in 1990 for GEOmetric Design. Officially licensed. From the motion picture released in 1958 this small vignette captures the moment when the monsters are loose in the woods and on the attack of the people barricaded in an old house.

The film is considered a cult classic due to its engrossing story, its creepy mood, its stop-motion creature effects and also for it being an early example of cinematic gore in horror movies.

I designed this as a resin cast model to be separated into 11 parts with 8 small pieces being cast in white metal so that the modeler could slightly bend the antenna and feelers to add a personal touch to the look of their kit.

The sculpture was done using Fimo for the base and bodies of the creatures with Atlas Epoxy-bond Putty for the smaller and fragile parts.

I had loved this movie since childhood so actually sculpting a model kit based on it was a very enjoyable experience.

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Richard Cacioppo24 April 2014 at 12:22 PM

wow ... Here’s another product I sell and haven’t gotten around to painting it up.  I will, I will and I love the B rated scify and monster flicks from the 50’s so very much.

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