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Hey, theres something a little fishy going on here! ​It was a real struggle and after what seemed like forever, he finally won the fight. You often hear of the ‘one that got away’ and in this case he did…except for a part of him! Offered up here is a bit of dark humor regarding a case of role reversal and the unspoken fear of anglers and swimmers around the waters of costal Massachusetts.

About the model kit:

This sculpture is a nod to the Deep Ones, the aquatic fish-frogs of H. P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of terror; “The Shadow over Innsmouth”. This is a resin model kit hand cast in 3 parts requiring glue to assemble before painting. The assembled figure with base measures 6 1/2” tall. Another original concept by yours truly, this kit was first offered in 2000 in a less detailed version. Now 13 years later the scaly dude is back retooled and loaded with new skin textures that will offer the painter loads of painting possibilities. Available NOW!

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Richard Cacioppo24 April 2014 at 12:36 PM

I love this piece.  It’s whimsical and humorous and truly a beautiful sculpt.  Just another item for my wish list.

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